Organizational Structure

PSS is a large business with revenues exceeding $95M annually; however, we employ a flat, agile organizational structure that allows us to respond quickly to our customers’, partners’, and employees’ needs.

PSS’ corporate infrastructure rivals that of our largest competitor, with an executive management team that has worked together for over 10 years; tools such as Deltek, CostPoint, and DataCall that allow us to track, forecast, and manage contract costs at multiple levels; and established quality programs that measure our successes at both the corporate and program levels.

Our executive management team employs an “open door” policy and encourages our Program Managers to utilize all of PSS’ technical resources to implement innovation in their programs. It is not uncommon for PSS to engage expertise external to PSS to ensure a rapid response to our customers' needs.

At PSS, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Accurate responses to customer needs goes a long way to make that priority a reality.