PSS’ corporate infrastructure rivals that of our largest competitor, with an executive management team that has worked together for over 10 years; enterprise-level tools such as SharePoint, Deltek, CostPoint, and DataCall that allow us to easily share information and manage contract costs at multiple levels; and established quality programs that measure our successes at both the corporate and program levels. 

Tools and Project Management – PSS’ enterprise systems and tools provide us with the ability to scale up and successfully manage a project of any size. We apply Project Management Institute (PMI) standards to every project and 100% of our Program Managers are Project Management Professional (PMP)-certified.

Customer satisfaction is PSS’ number one priority. Consequently, through our established quality programs, we regularly solicit customer feedback to ensure continued satisfaction. PSS believes in the proactive management of our programs and utilizes risk management processes that require customer “buy-in” to mitigate issues within our programs and meet customer satisfaction goals.

Recruiting – PSS has an outstanding team of recruiters and a robust recruitment process that identifies screens, and hires quality personnel. Additionally, we have a generous employee referral program and an internal resume database with over 250,000 potential candidates to meet our customers’ needs.

Business Development/Proposals – Our large array of contract vehicles and NAICS Codes allow PSS the opportunity to consider a significant number of Government Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and task orders. Our Business Development Division utilizes detailed capture and proposal processes as part of our ISO-certified Quality Management System to evaluate these prospects. Our opportunity tracker tool and rigorous bid/no-bid decision-making approach allow us to focus our attention on programs where we can truly make a difference.