Research, Develop, Test, Evaluate, Improve

PSS fleet management experts are skilled and knowledgeable in the engineering and operational aspects of submarines. We provide key personnel for all aspects of fleet operations, with particular attention to the changing maritime warfare environment and the hands-on waterfront maintenance experience. 

Safety Dives Deep

As experts in Submarine Safety (SUBSAFE), PSS develops policies and practices for training and monitoring submarine operations. As the most vital aspect of submarine survivability, we have ensured that safety is at the forefront of ship design, including stealth, acoustic superiority, man-machine interface, and systems/platform integration. With our proven record of experience, PSS helps clients navigate the acquisition waters and transition between phases – from the Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction (TMRR) phase to the Engineering, Manufacturing, and Design (EMD) phase, for instance.

Committed to the mission, above and below water.