Financial Strength

PSS is a financially sound corporation with average revenue growth of 30% per year. Due to our outstanding financial status, PSS has readily available access to capital and a substantial line of credit that can be used for acquisition, infrastructure, and contract growth.

Financial strength and stability are the cornerstones for any corporation’s growth. In PSS’ case, when you combine our financial strength with our technical capabilities, corporate infrastructure, organizational structure, and Business Development Division, it is easy to see that PSS is positioned to bid and manage programs significantly larger than our current revenue base.

With our established revenue stream and major contract backlogs, PSS is poised for continued growth, both organically and through our active acquisition strategy.

Other PSS financial strength indicators include: 

  • Dun & Bradstreet financial rating of 1R2
  • Customer survey rating of “Exceeds Customer Expectations”
  • Existing Bank: Bank of America
  • Auditing Firm since 2002: Argy, Wiltse & Robinson, P.C
  • Quality Assurance Evaluator: ISO 9001:2001 Certification