Put Your Money Where Your Trust Is

As financial resources decrease and oversight increases in the Federal sector, the way you manage your budgets becomes more critical to what you’re able to achieve. PSS’ strategic financial management experts ready our clients for audits or stress tests and evaluate methods of expanding programs in ever-shrinking budgets. Our proven financial management services include:

  • Resource planning and guidance
  • Strategic planning
  • Program analysis
  • Budget analysis, planning, preparation, and execution
  • Cost estimation
  • Cost analysis
  • Voucher preparation
  • Program review
  • Audit readiness and support
  • Accounting services
  • Financial reporting

We Know Budgets

With significant experience in acquisition lifecycle and program management, PSS brings a unique and objective perspective to the modern financial management paradigm in both Government and industry. We understand Government budgets and have the tools, techniques, subject matter expertise, expansive resources, and original thinking needed to accomplish program objectives.

Our Government financial systems experience runs deep and includes both commercial and customized applications to deliver on the mission.

Starting at the Top and Getting to the Root

We attack your challenge head-on: at the right level with the appropriate solution sets. Our performance improvement skills help us maximize process and human effectiveness, while our acquisitions-honed talent creates cost efficiencies and ensures the best service and best value. Whether performing cost estimation, providing budgetary support, or delivering audit readiness services, PSS experts support and deliver.

Take control of your budgets today.