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Excellence Forged by Experience: PSS’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) in Service to the Intelligence Community


McLean, VA – June 13, 2019 – Our country’s safety and security rests on the Intelligence Community’s (IC’s) ability to manage large, complex data sets and analytic workloads. With the nation’s security as the measure of mission success, technology that is far beyond commodity computing’s speed and power – and the ability to maximize its capabilities – is IC-mission-essential.

PSS develops Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and cyber analytic software on high-performance computers to address the complex problems facing machine learning, graphs, and streaming for the IC.

With excellence forged by experience as its foundation, PSS’s HPC Team provides expert HPC consulting, development, implementation, and management support. To achieve our clients’ mission goals, we use a variety of tools, including:

  • Apache Accumulo
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • IBM InfoSphere Streams
  • Docker
  • NumPy
  • MPI
  • RDMA
  • Anaconda Python
  • Mahout
  • MongoDB
  • Chapel
  • Louvain/Bader Clustering Algorithms
  • And more!

These tools support PSS’s leading-edge HPC features – massive computation, terabytes of memory, high-speed interconnect, and low-latency networks – to provide answers 100x faster than commodity architectures.

PSS’s data scientists help make our world safe by partnering directly with IC’s mission analysts to explore data that uncovers meaningful information and enables time savings essential to our national security. For example, our scientists uncovered a previously unknown problem in a large, important data set that enabled our IC customer to focus on a much smaller data set and increase intelligence value. 

The pace at which we located these discoveries would neither have been possible without our Data Scientists’ proven understanding of HPC principles, nor available through time, space, or quality from general purpose computers.  

Our HPC Team’s innovations include uniquely adapting open source software to HPC architectures. We expertly tune open source software to take full advantage of high velocity bandwidth, flash speed disk, high density multi-CPU architectures, and extreme memory footprints. This is no easy task and -- in most cases -- has neither been documented nor attempted.

Our heterogeneous architecture features enable PSS to utilize large Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) cores for data set exploration [modeling; machine learning; and Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) and develop multiple implementations of standard and cutting-edge analytics against various scales and hardware-types.

With our nation’s ability to achieve the IC’s most critical mission success in the balance, HPC’s speed and power – and PSS’s ability to maximize its potential in service to our country’s safety -- stands an unwavering partnership. To learn more about how PSS applies HPC excellence forged by experience to your Federal or civilian mission, click here.

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